Atl-sped means high quality, experience, safety and customer satisfaction.
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About us

Atl-sped means high quality, experience and safety. Atl-sped has been in business since 1995, ensuring strong customer service and customer satisfaction. The company was founded by Sławomir Liskowski who has been managing it since its formation to this day. Atl-sped registered office is in Łowyń near Miedzychód. As we strive to make our company continue to develop, in 2013 we established new branch in Wysogotowo near Poznań.

Initially, the company focused on domestic transport, gradually extending the scope of services by international transport as well. Our machinery includes cars designed for transport of large cargoes in terms of both item size and quantity (such as COILMULDE and MEGA trailers), refrigerator trucks and cars adapted for transport of furniture, polystyrene foam etc. (such as Jumbo trailer). We also have logistic base (a warehouse) at our disposal. Our employees professionally support each customer asking for our services. We arrange for transport or act as a freight forwarding agent organizing shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution. When observing road transport market in Poland, we have noticed that small family-owned companies prevail. We are convinced that nothing but cooperation on the basis of partnership with a group of companies allows the increase of profitability and improves chances to remain on the market. Atl-sped will establish cooperation with reliable carriers on an exclusive basis. We offer regular cargoes both from Poland and European countries. For the purposes of selling goods, we have developed cooperation with freight exchanges such as Timo-Com and Trans, with which we have been bound by business relations for many years. Our company policy is based on long-standing experience in the transport industry. We create favourable and the most optimal conditions of cooperation for our current and future customers.